The Philosophy of Shiatsumassage

There are 678 wet massage stock photos available for purchase. Explore more photos by starting a new search. Alternatively, you can browse all wet massage stock photos by category. This selection of images contains many different styles of wet massage. The images are categorized by type and location. To find the perfect one, simply type the desired term into the search box. The results will display in a list with similar images. After that, you can choose the photo that best meets your needs.

A wet massage design incorporates multiple features and benefits to offer a unique experience to both the client and the therapist. In addition to offering comfort, a wet massage table can be used for hot stone treatments, Ayurvedic massages, and body wraps. You can even add a Vichy shower to the table! There are countless design options for a wet massage table. Consider your needs when designing yours.

The Wet Table is a versatile tool for a massage therapist. Its various functions include vichy shower, wet treatment and dry massage. The table is made of a durable ABS plastic top. It can be cleaned easily. Wet tables are also available in battery operated models. The table is made to be clean and comfortable. Its design allows a massage therapist to adjust the height and temperature of the table according to the client’s preferences.

This type of table combines the advantages of both a traditional massage table and a hydro wet table. Unlike a conventional massage table, it can be used in a normal treatment room without having a wet room. A multi-purpose room is also more profitable. These features allow for more treatments in one room. If you are planning to install a wet table in your massage clinic, here are some benefits of it.

It can be folded and rotated. A head support panel can be mounted on it. A head panel can be raised or lowered to direct water towards the foot of the table. Two sidepieces rest on the foot and head uprights. The foot panel can be made with multiple lengths or with folding sidepieces. 오피스타 In addition, the foot support can be made of different materials. A wet table can also be used in hot tubs.

A wet table can be used for a variety of treatments, including hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Various water therapies are given on a table that is made for this purpose. Typically, this table has several shower heads placed above the client. It is also made from molded plastic with a waterproof pad. The Napa La Mer table has non-electric height adjustments. This allows the table to be adjusted while the client is on the table.


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